[PDF] Stefano Feltri Fedez PDF in Italian

Feltri’s book “Il partito degli influencer” delves into the impact and authenticity of social media influencers like Fedez, highlighting the necessity for clearer regulations in the realm of information and advertising.

Stefano Feltri Fedez PDF in Italian

Stefano Feltri Fedez PDF
Stefano Feltri Fedez PDF
PDF TitleStefano Feltri Fedez PDF
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  • The book examines how social media influencers, like Fedez, have a powerful impact on society and politics.
  • Feltri questions the authenticity of influencers’ communication and the hidden factors that shape their online presence.
  • Influencers, including Fedez, are influenced by sponsorship contracts and the need to maintain a positive image, limiting their freedom of expression.
  • The book emphasizes the importance of understanding the relationship between influencers and the information ecosystem.
  • Feltri’s analysis encourages reflection on the role of influencers and urges lawmakers to address the blurred lines between information and advertising in influencer culture.

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