[PDF] Titles Ruin Everything Drake PDF by Gordon Hon in English

Titles can ruin stories by revealing too much, putting pressure on creators, using clickbait, framing stories in a certain way, and being very difficult to craft correctly. Drake gives examples of titles that spoil plots and sympathizes with how hard it is for writers to come up with titles that intrigue without spoiling.

Titles Ruin Everything Drake PDF in English

Titles Ruin Everything Drake PDF
Titles Ruin Everything Drake PDF
PDF TitleTitles Ruin Everything Drake
AuthorGordon Hon
File Size2.86 MB

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  • The essay is about how titles can give away too much information about stories and ruin surprises. Drake gives examples of movie and book titles that reveal the ending or important parts of the plot.
  • Titles put pressure on creators to make stories live up to big promises. Some titles oversell what the story is really about.
  • Clickbait article titles on the internet often exaggerate just to get more people to click on them. The articles don’t live up to the exciting titles.
  • Titles affect how people understand a story before they even start reading or watching it. The title frames the story in a certain way.
  • Coming up with a good title that interests people but doesn’t give away the story is really hard for writers. Drake sympathizes that titles are a big challenge for creators.

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