[PDF] Blue Earth County Jail Roster PDF in English

The Blue Earth Jail Roster is a public daily PDF listing current adult inmates’ information to help police manage the jail population and families locate incarcerated loved ones, minus juveniles and confidential cases.

Blue Earth County Jail Roster PDF in English

Blue Earth County Jail Roster PDF
Blue Earth County Jail Roster PDF
PDF TitleBlue Earth County Jail Roster PDF
File Size227 KB
Date15th Aug 2023

About PDF

  • The jail roster shows who is currently in jail in Blue Earth County, Minnesota. It lists their name, what they were arrested for, when they were booked, and their scheduled release date.
  • The roster is updated every day at midnight. So it shows who was in jail on the previous day.
  • Anyone can view the roster. It is public information. The roster is posted online as a PDF file.
  • The online roster does not show juvenile offenders or confidential cases. Their names are kept private.
  • Police use the roster to coordinate housing and manage the jail population. Families and friends use it to locate incarcerated loved ones. The public can see who has been arrested.

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