La Rata Con Thinner – 2022 Mexican Revenge Thriller Novel (PDF Available)

La Rata Con Thinner is a 2022 thriller about a rat who gains human-like intelligence after ingesting a dangerous chemical. The smart rat teams up with a boy to take revenge on the company that polluted his home using cleverness and evil plans.

PDF TitleLa Rata Con Thinner
AuthorCompiled by Omar Ramirez
File Size10 MB

About PDF

  • It is a 2022 thriller novel by George Montana set in Mexico.
  • The story follows a rat who accidentally ingests a dangerous chemical called Thinner.
  • The chemical gives the rat super intelligence and the ability to communicate with humans.
  • The smart rat teams up with a boy to take revenge on the chemical company that polluted his home.
  • Using cleverness and evil plans, the rat and boy plot to destroy the evil corporation.

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