[PDF] Imaginaria Libro Kristopher Rodas PDF by Kristopher Rodas

“Imaginaria” is a book about a sad child trying to escape reality, but their imaginary friends lead them towards darkness.

Imaginaria Libro Kristopher Rodas PDF in English

Imaginaria Libro Kristopher Rodas PDF
Imaginaria Libro Kristopher Rodas PDF
PDF TitleImaginaria Libro Kristopher Rodas PDF
AuthorKristopher Rodas
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  • Escape from reality: The book tells the story of a child who wants to get away from their own life because they are always sad.
  • Journey inside the mind: “Imaginaria” takes us on an adventure into the child’s thoughts and imagination, showing us what goes on inside their head.
  • Trying to forget: The child decides to forget about their problems and tries to find happiness by ignoring them.
  • Imaginary friends: The child has friends who they imagine, and these friends help them remember their path towards darkness.
  • Exploring darkness: The book talks about feeling sad and facing difficult emotions, as the child confronts their own struggles and tries to find a way out.

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