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ICONTEC is the Colombian Institute of Technical Standards and Certification that develops GTC 185, a guide ratified in 2009, aiming to provide support to producers, protect consumers, and achieve competitive advantages through collaboration with the government and private sectors.

GTC 185 PDF in English

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  • ICONTEC is the Colombian Institute of Technical Standards and Certification, responsible for national standardization according to Decree 2269 of 1993.
  • ICONTEC is a non-profit private organization that supports producers, protects consumers, and collaborates with the government and private sectors to gain competitive advantages in domestic and international markets.
  • Technical Committees and Public Consultation ensure representation and participation from various sectors in the standardization process.
  • GTC 185 is a specific guide that was ratified by the Board of Directors on September 30, 2009.
  • The guide is continuously updated to meet current needs and requirements and includes contributions from companies involved in Technical Committee 188 – Commercial Documentation.

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