Chains of Asmodeus D&D 5e Adventure Module PDF

Players must stop a cult of Asmodeus from kidnapping citizens for a ritual to summon devils into Baldur’s Gate by exploring the city, fighting cultists, and disrupting their leader’s plans.

PDF TitleChains of Asmodeus
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SourceDungeons and Dragons

About PDF

  • The adventure begins when the players are approached by a priestess named Elia who asks them to help investigate disappearances in Baldur’s Gate. Several people have gone missing recently and she suspects the cult of Asmodeus is behind it.
  • The players will explore various locations around Baldur’s Gate searching for clues about the missing people. These include the slums, the harbor, the Lower City, and a manor house.
  • Through their investigations, the players learn that the cult is kidnapping people to be sacrificed in a ritual to summon more devils to the city. They’ve set up bases in several locations.
  • To stop the ritual, the players must infiltrate cult hideouts, fight cultists and devils, and disrupt the ritual by defeating the cult leader, a priest named Vestra Koth.
  • Successful completion of the adventure means saving the missing citizens and preventing the cult from summoning more devils into Baldur’s Gate. But Vestra escapes, setting up a potential future confrontation.

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