Father Comes Home from the Wars by Suzan-Lori Parks: Summary and Analysis” (PDF available)

Father Comes Home from the Wars is a play by Suzan-Lori Parks set during the American Civil War. The story follows Hero, an enslaved man, as he grapples with identity and loyalty. The play explores Hero’s complex relationship with his master, his idea of home, and his conflicting loyalties.

PDF TitleFather Comes Home From the Wars
AuthorSuzan-Lori Parks
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  • The play is set during the American Civil War: The story takes place during a significant conflict in American history, where the nation was divided between the North and the South.
  • The main character is a slave named Hero: Hero is a courageous slave who is faced with the difficult choice of whether to join his master in fighting for the Confederacy or stay behind.
  • Hero’s journey explores themes of loyalty and freedom: Hero’s decision to go to war forces him to question his sense of loyalty to his master, his fellow slaves, and himself. It also raises questions about what it means to be free.
  • The play highlights the perspective of African Americans during the war: Through the character of Hero and other African American characters, the play sheds light on the experiences and struggles faced by African Americans during this tumultuous time in history.
  • It is part of a trilogy: “Father Comes Home From the Wars” is the first part of a larger trilogy of plays by Suzan-Lori Parks. The play sets the stage for the subsequent parts and explores themes that are further developed in the trilogy as a whole.

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