Understanding the “Somebody Wanted but So Then” Storytelling Framework | PDF Included

Somebody Wanted But So Then is a storytelling framework consisting of four main components: somebody (a main character with a desire), wanted (the character’s goal), but (the obstacle), and so (the character’s action to overcome the obstacle). The framework concludes with “then,” which represents the resolution or outcome of the story.

PDF TitleSomebody Wanted but So Then
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  • Somebody: In a story, there is a main character or someone who wants something.
  • Wanted: The main character has a specific goal or desire that they want to achieve.
  • But: However, there is an obstacle or challenge that prevents the main character from easily achieving what they want.
  • So: The main character takes action or finds a solution to overcome the obstacle and move closer to achieving their goal.
  • Then: As a result of their actions, the main character experiences a resolution or outcome that concludes the story.

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