Sideways Stories From Wayside School PDF by Louis Sachar in English

In “Sideways Stories from Wayside School,” readers are introduced to the offbeat world of Wayside School, where each chapter presents a unique and comical scenario. From a teacher who can turn students into apples to the unconventional adventures of the students, the book offers a lighthearted and amusing reading experience. The 30-floor setting and the unusual characters make this book a delightful and entertaining read for children and adults alike.

PDF TitleSideways Stories From Wayside School
AuthorLouis Sachar
File Size1 MB

About PDF

  • Wacky School: Wayside School is a crazy place with 30 floors instead of 30 classrooms. Each story is about a different wacky happening at the school.
  • Quirky Characters: Meet the unusual students and teachers, like Mrs. Gorf, who can turn kids into apples, and Todd, who always gets in trouble even though he’s a good kid.
  • Funny Adventures: You’ll read about silly and unexpected events, like a dead rat named Sammy, a girl who’s always late, and a teacher who can’t remember anything.
  • Weird and Wonderful: The stories are weird, but in a fun way. You’ll laugh at the strange things that happen at Wayside School.
  • Short and Entertaining: Each story is short and easy to read, so you can enjoy the book in quick, funny bursts. It’s a great book for kids who like a good laugh.

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