Download the 1952 Post Office Manual PDF: Policies and Procedures

The 1952 Post Office Manual outlined mail collection, transport, sorting procedures, postal counter transactions, and security protocols to facilitate the reliable, efficient movement of postal communications.

PDF TitlePost Office Manual 1952
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  • Mail Collection – Outlining the schedules and procedures for collecting mail from street letter boxes, post offices, and mail chutes by postal carriers and clerks.
  • Mail Sorting and Processing – Describing the systems and steps for sorting incoming mail by destination and preparing it for transport.
  • Mail Transport – Detailing the routes, schedules, and policies for transporting and delivering mail between post offices, railway mail cars/trains, mail trucks, etc.
  • Postal Counter Operations – Explaining the transactions, forms, and rules for clerks assisting customers at post office counters with payments, packaging, stamps, addresses, etc.
  • Postal Security and Safety – Highlighting guidelines for securing mail, post offices, and equipment as well as safety protocols for postal staff while collecting, transporting, and delivering mail.

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