[PDF] NFHS Football Rule Book PDF 2023 in English

The NFHS Football Rule Book serves as the official guide for high school football in the U.S., detailing rules for gameplay, player safety, equipment, scoring, penalties, kickoffs, scrimmages, passes, and all procedures to conduct games fairly and safely.

PDF TitleNFHS Football Rule Book
File Size161 kb

About PDF

  • It covers official rules for high school football games in the U.S.
  • The book explains gameplay, positions, equipment, field markings, timing, scoring, and penalties.
  • Rules for safety include proper tackling, blocking, helmet contact, and player conduct protocols.
  • Sections detail specific rules for kickoffs, scrimmages, fumbles, passes, out-of-bounds and more.
  • Coaches and officials use the rule book as the authority for officiating games fairly and safely.

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