[PDF] Moon of the Crusted Snow – A Story of Survival and Hope in a Frozen World

A small Native community in Canada faces a harsh winter without electricity or contact with the outside world. They are invaded by strangers who take advantage of their situation and cause violence and death. A group of young friends and their leader, Evan Whitesky, try to save their community by following their ancestral ways and making a tough choice. The novel shows how a society can fall apart and how another can rise from the ashes.

PDF TitleMoon of the Crusted Snow
AuthorWaubgeshig Rice
File Size0.8 MB

About PDF

  • It is a story about what happens to a group of Native people when the world goes dark and cold.
  • They live in a small community in northern Canada, where they hunt and fish for food.
  • They lose contact with the outside world, and they don’t know why or what is going on.
  • Some strangers come to their community, and they cause trouble and violence.
  • The Native people have to use their traditions and wisdom to survive and protect themselves.

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