[PDF] Mendocino Farms Menu PDF in English

Customizable sandwiches with fresh ingredients, unique flavored salads with healthy veggies, soups made daily in-house, simple kids dishes like grilled cheese, and desserts like cookies and milkshakes using quality ingredients.

Mendocino Farms Menu PDF in English

Mendocino Farms Menu PDF
Mendocino Farms Menu PDF
PDF TitleMendocino Farms Menu
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  • Sandwiches feature fresh ingredients, like avocado, roasted turkey, and hummus. Customizable to preference.
  • Salads are offered with unique flavored combinations and lots of healthy veggies.
  • Soups are made daily in-house, with rotating selections like tomato bisque, and chili.
  • The kid’s menu has grilled cheese, chicken tenders, and other simple dishes.
  • Desserts like cookies, brownies, and milkshakes for something sweet after a meal.

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