[PDF] Get Lean Program by Barbell Brigade: Digital Muscle-Building and Strength Training Program

The “Get Lean Program” by Barbell Brigade is a digital muscle-building and strength-focused training program. It emphasizes meal preparation and planning for success.

The program is available as a digital product and includes chest workouts and strength training to build lean muscle mass over a 16-week period.

PDF TitleGet Lean Program
AuthorBarbell Brigade
File Size21 MB

About PDF

  • Muscle-building workouts: The program includes chest workouts and strength training to help build lean muscle mass.
  • Digital product: It is a digital training program that can be downloaded after purchase and guarantees results with basic equipment.
  • Focus on strength: The program aims to increase strength by addressing weak points, muscular imbalances, and mobility over 16 weeks.
  • Meal preparation: The importance of meal preparation and planning for success is emphasized as part of the program.
  • Suspension: There is a mention of Barbell Brigade being suspended for not paying taxes in California, although this is not directly related to the program itself.

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