[PDF] The Darkest Note PDF by Nelia Alarcon in English

A grieving high school senior joins a band and bonds with a fellow musician over their shared loss of a parent, but her guilt over her father’s death which she feels responsible for makes it difficult to heal until their musical connection helps her process her grief and embrace happiness.

The Darkest Note PDF in English

The Darkest Note Nelia Alarcon PDF
The Darkest Note Nelia Alarcon PDF
PDF TitleThe Darkest Note
AuthorNelia Alarcon
File Size1.3 MB

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  • Claire is starting her senior year of high school still grieving the recent loss of her father in a tragic car accident that she feels responsible for.
  • To regain her love of music, Claire joins the school marching band and meets a mysterious new student Isaac, a talented trombone player.
  • Claire and Isaac bond through their shared love of music and understanding of the pain that comes with losing a parent at a young age.
  • Still weighed down by guilt over her role in her father’s death, Claire has difficulty opening herself up to find happiness again.
  • Through their heartfelt musical connection, Isaac helps Claire process her grief, forgive herself, and embrace life’s joys once more.

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