[PDF] The Dare by Harley Laroux PDF in English

Popular girl Jessica loses game to former victim Manson at party and serves as his slave in sexually charged revenge.

The Dare Harley Laroux PDF in English

The Dare by Harley Laroux PDF
The Dare by Harley Laroux PDF
PDF TitleThe Dare PDF
AuthorHarley Laroux
File Size285 MB

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  • Jessica Martin was the prom queen and head cheerleader in high school, and looked down on those she felt were unworthy, especially Manson Reed who she bullied.
  • After high school, Jessica attends the same Halloween party as Manson Reed and loses to him in a game of Drink or Dare.
  • For losing, Jessica has to serve as Manson’s slave for the night as a dare, which she accepts out of pride and curiosity.
  • What follows is a dark game of pleasure, pain, fear and desire between Jessica and Manson.
  • It’s unclear if this is just a game, revenge, or a dare, or something more between Jessica and Manson.

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