[PDF] Yard House Menu PDF in English

Wide selection of draft beers, cocktails, wine, appetizers like nachos, hummus, and potstickers, main dishes including burgers, tacos, steaks, salads, and kid’s menu with smaller portions.

Yard House Menu PDF in English

Yard House Menu PDF
Yard House Menu PDF
PDF TitleYard House Menu
File Size8 MB

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  • Wide selection of draft beers, over 100 options, can try small tastes of different beers.
  • Cocktails and wine are available, inventive cocktail list with classics and unique drinks.
  • Variety of appetizers and shared plates, from nachos to hummus to potstickers.
  • Main dishes include burgers, flatbreads, street tacos, sandwiches, salads, and steaks.
  • Kid’s menu with smaller portions of burgers, chicken tenders, pasta, and grilled cheese.

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