[PDF] Un Cuento Perfecto Elizabeth Bennet PDF by Elisabet Benavent in Spanish

Story of Elizabeth who lives in village & whose family wants her to marry proud Mr. Darcy though she thinks he is bad. Mr. Darcy falls for Elizabeth & shows he is kind. Elizabeth visits his house & learns he is good. They marry & live happily ever after, showing first impressions can be wrong.

Un Cuento Perfecto PDF in Spanish

Un Cuento Perfecto PDF
Un Cuento Perfecto PDF
PDF TitleUn Cuento Perfecto PDF
AuthorElisabet Benavent
File Size2 MB

About PDF

  • This is a story about a girl named Elizabeth Bennet who lives in a small village.
  • Elizabeth’s family wants her to marry a rich man named Mr. Darcy. But Elizabeth thinks Mr. Darcy is proud.
  • Mr. Darcy starts to fall in love with Elizabeth. He tries to show he is not proud and is good.
  • Elizabeth visits Mr. Darcy’s big house and learns he is kind. She then also falls in love with him.
  • Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy get married. They live happily ever after in love in a big beautiful house.
  • The story shows how first impressions can be wrong. Elizabeth thought Mr. Darcy was bad, but he turned out to be good.
  • It is a romantic fairy tale story about love and learning not to judge people before you know them.

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