Twisted Love Ana Huang PDF – Forbidden Passion Thaws Cold Hearted Man

A ruthless man haunted by tragedy starts falling for his best friend’s sister, whose sunny personality cracks his icy heart, but their forbidden passion dredges up dangerous secrets that could ruin their families.

PDF TitleTwisted Love
AuthorAna Huang
File Size1.11 MB

About PDF

  • Alex Volkov is haunted by a childhood tragedy that has made him ruthless and cold-hearted, focused only on success and vengeance with no room for matters of the heart.
  • When Alex’s best friend needs to go away, he puts Alex in charge of caring for his younger sister Ava while he is gone even though there is strong chemistry between them.
  • Ava Chen is a free spirit who remains optimistic and sees beauty in the world despite having a foggy, broken childhood filled with nightmares.
  • As Alex spends more time with sunny Ava, he starts to feel his icy heart melting and cracking open in ways he never thought possible, threatening his single-minded ambitions.
  • Though their passionate, forbidden love could ruin their family ties and everything else they hold dear, Ava and Alex find themselves drawn together by irresistible forces while also revealing dark secrets poised to shatter them both if discovered.

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