[PDF] The Wonder Weeks PDF by Hetty van de Rijt in English

Babies go through 10 major growth spurts in the first 20 months. At these leaps, babies may get cranky and sleep less as they develop new skills. But this stormy period is normal. Knowing a mental leap is coming helps parents be patient. Afterward, babies emerge happier with new abilities until the next leap occurs.

The Wonder Weeks PDF in English

The Wonder Weeks PDF
The Wonder Weeks PDF
PDF TitleThe Wonder Weeks PDF
AuthorHetty van de Rijt
File Size3.5 MB

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  • Babies grow and change fast in the first 20 months. There are 10 big growth spurts or ‘leaps’ during this time.
  • At these leaps babies learn new skills but can get cranky, cry more, and sleep less. This is called a ‘stormy time’.
  • The leaps happen around 5, 8, 12, 19, 26, 37, 46, 55, 64, and 75 weeks old. Each leap lasts 6 weeks.
  • Knowing when a leap is coming can help parents be patient. The fussy behavior is normal for brain growth.
  • After the stormy time, babies come out of the leap happier, with new abilities! Then it’s a ‘sunny time’ until the next leap.

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