[PDF] The Planewalkers Handbook PDF

The Planeswalker’s Handbook explains their special powers, and planeswalker process, profiles famous planeswalkers, details magical practices, and provides guidance on training, mana development, and sparking planeswalker abilities.

The Planewalkers Handbook PDF in English

The Planewalkers Handbook PDF
The Planewalkers Handbook PDF
PDF TitleThe Planewalkers Handbook
AuthorMonte Cook
File Size23.8 MB
SourceDungeons and Dragons
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About PDF

  • Explains the nature of plane walkers, their special powers, and how they travel between mystical planes.
  • Describes the process of planeswalking, the concentration required, and the risks involved.
  • Profiles famous planeswalkers across Magic’s history like Urza, and Liliana Vess.
  • Details the kinds of magic practiced by planeswalkers including shamanism, and wizardry.
  • Provides guidance on planeswalker training, developing mana sources, and sparking one’s planeswalker abilities.

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