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Gigi wants to excel at hockey and get out of her famous dad’s shadow; Luke needs to improve his team’s dynamics but risks their goals and intense mutual attraction by agreeing to help Gigi if she puts in a good word with her dad, his idol.

PDF TitleThe Graham Effect
AuthorElle Kennedy
File Size1.8 MB

About PDF

  • Gigi wants to make the national hockey team, win Olympic gold, and get out of her famous dad’s shadow.
  • Luke is the new co-captain of the men’s team which just merged with a rival. He needs to improve team dynamics.
  • Luke agrees to help Gigi with her game if she puts in a good word for him to coach with her dad, his idol.
  • Gigi and Luke have intense chemistry but try to ignore it to focus on their goals.
  • They take risks helping each other while fighting their attraction, complicating things further.

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