[PDF] The Falconer (1.4) PDF in English

As an aspiring falconer, I’m thrilled by the new Falconer class which allows D&D players to bond with and command hawks, falcons, owls, and eagles for scouting, hunting, and battling foes. You can play so many types of falconers with whistles, gestures, and training directing your avian companion. This unique class lets you team up with a majestic bird of prey will make for an awesome character!

The Falconer PDF in English

The Falconer PDF
The Falconer PDF
PDF TitleThe Falconer
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  • You can train hawks, falcons, owls, and eagles to hunt prey and attack enemies. How cool is that? I’d love a faithful eagle by my side in battle.
  • Whistles and hand gestures allow you to command the birds on scouting missions or aerial attacks. It seems like it would feel so badass directing your eagle to knock down foes!
  • The class features let you build strong bonds and work as a team with your avian companion. I love the idea of a close partnership with a majestic bird of prey.
  • You can play as many types of falconers – a scout with a hawk, a hunter with an owl, or a warrior with an eagle. I’m already thinking up backstories!
  • Having a falconry hunting bird by your side feels like such a unique D&D class. I can’t wait to try it out on my next character!

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