[PDF] Survey of Accounting PDF by Thomas P. Edmonds in English

The Survey of Accounting textbook covers the foundations of financial and managerial accounting including accounting principles, procedures, financial statements, transaction analysis, budgets, cost systems, and using data to make business decisions.

PDF TitleSurvey of Accounting
AuthorThomas P. Edmonds
File Size11.1 MB

About PDF

  • The book covers the basics of financial and managerial accounting used in business.
  • It explains accounting principles, procedures, and financial statements like balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow.
  • Topics include revenue, costs, assets, liabilities, equities, and how transactions impact accounts and statements.
  • The text looks at budgeting, cost behavior, cost systems, and using accounting data to make business decisions.
  • Examples, practice problems, summaries, and key terms help reinforce learning of accounting foundations needed for a business career.

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