[PDF] Starbucks Barista Training Guide PDF by Taylor Loredo in English

Starbucks has a guide to help baristas make yummy drinks, be friendly to customers, keep the store clean, and become coffee experts for great service!

Starbucks Barista Training Guide PDF in English

Starbucks Barista Training Guide
Starbucks Barista Training Guide
PDF TitleStarbucks Barista Training Guide
File Size8.92 MB
SourceTaylor Loredo

About PDF

  • Starbucks has a guide for its baristas, the people who make coffee.
  • The guide helps them learn how to make yummy drinks like lattes and frappuccinos.
  • It teaches them to be friendly and make customers happy.
  • They also learn to keep the store clean and tidy.
  • The guide helps baristas become coffee experts and provide great service!

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