[PDF] Sprint Triathlon Training Plans: 8-12 Week Programs for Beginners and Intermediates

The sprint triathlon training plans offer 8 to 12-week programs for beginners and intermediate athletes, focusing on swim, bike, and run workouts. They are designed to build fitness, improve skills, and prepare participants for their first or subsequent sprint triathlon.

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About PDF

  • A 12-week training plan for intermediate athletes with at least two years of experience in sprint or Olympic distance racing.
  • A beginner-friendly 12-week training plan that focuses on establishing a base level of fitness and gradually increasing intensity.
  • A 12-week sprint triathlon training plan suitable for beginner to intermediate triathletes who can complete a 15-minute bike and a 30-minute run/walk.
  • An 8-week sprint triathlon training plan for beginners that includes a mix of swim, bike, and run workouts, with a focus on proper pacing and training zones.
  • A 10-week sprint triathlon training plan for beginners, designed to help athletes prepare for their first triathlon and improve their skills across all three disciplines.

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