(PDF Download): Spookley the Square Pumpkin

Spookley the Square Pumpkin learns to embrace his unique shape and uses it to save his friends, helping them accept differences in this heartwarming children’s book.

PDF TitleSpookley the Square Pumpkin
AuthorJoe Troiano, Susan Banta
File Size2.37 MB

About PDF

  • Spookley is a square-shaped pumpkin: In the book, Spookley is not like the other round pumpkins. He is square-shaped, which makes him feel different.
  • Spookley gets bullied by the other pumpkins: Because of his square shape, the other pumpkins in the patch make fun of Spookley and treat him unkindly.
  • Spookley discovers his uniqueness: As the story progresses, Spookley realizes that his square shape is what makes him special. He learns to embrace his differences instead of feeling sad about them.
  • Spookley helps his friends: When a storm comes and endangers the other pumpkins, Spookley uses his unique shape to create a barrier and protect them from harm.
  • The other pumpkins learn to accept differences: Through Spookley’s bravery and kindness, the other pumpkins realize that being different is not a bad thing. They learn to accept and appreciate Spookley for who he is.

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