[PDF] Social Security Disability Application PDF in English

The disability application collects personal details, medical documentation, descriptions of functional limitations, 15-year work history, and authorization to obtain medical/employer information to evaluate if the applicant’s medical conditions prevent them from working.

Social Security Disability Application PDF in English

Social Security Disability Application PDF
Social Security Disability Application PDF
PDF TitleSocial Security Disability Application
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About PDF

  • The application asks for personal information like name, contact details, social security number, marital status, medical conditions, work history, etc.
  • Supporting medical documentation from doctors about diagnoses, treatments, and test results needs to be provided to show proof of disability.
  • A description of how the medical conditions limit the ability to work, activities of daily living, and social functioning is required.
  • The work history section provides space to list job titles, duties performed, equipment used, hours worked, etc. for all jobs in the past 15 years.
  • Authorization is needed to allow Social Security Administration to contact doctors, hospitals, and employers to obtain applicant’s medical and work information.

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