[PDF] Sharing Beatrice a Luna to Her Stepbrothers PDF by Alexis Deein English

Beatrice, an Omega rogue, faces more challenges when her mother marries the Alpha King, making her stepbrothers her mates who are open to sharing. She must decide if this forbidden bond will bring peace or harm.

PDF TitleSharing Beatrice a Luna to Her Stepbrothers
AuthorAlexis Dee
Pages1 – 553 (Chapter)
File SizeOnline

About PDF

  • Beatrice is both an Omega and a rogue, which is a tough and challenging combination.
  • Her life becomes even more challenging when she learns that her mother is marrying the Alpha King.
  • Beatrice now has to deal with the anger of her new Alpha stepbrothers.
  • Surprisingly, she discovers that her stepbrothers are all her mates and are willing to share her.
  • Beatrice faces the choice of embracing this forbidden mate bond or risking it breaking her.

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