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The rental walkthrough checklist documents the condition of the unit at move-in and move-out, with both tenant and landlord signing to prevent disputes; it notes cleanliness, damages, and repairs needed in each room for comparison when the tenant moves out.

PDF TitleRental Walkthrough Checklist
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About PDF

  • The rental walkthrough checklist is used when moving into and out of a rental unit. It helps document the condition of things like floors, walls, appliances, etc.
  • Before moving in, the tenant and landlord walk through together and note the condition and cleanliness of each room, along with things that need repair. Both sign the checklist.
  • When moving out, the tenant cleans thoroughly and uses the checklist to record the condition as they leave. The landlord comes to inspect.
  • Any damages beyond normal wear and tear may result in charges to the tenant. The checklist compares move-in and move-out conditions.
  • Having a comprehensive checklist that both landlord and tenant sign prevents disputes. It provides a record of the unit’s condition at move-in and move-out.

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