[PDF] Purity PDF by Skyler Mason in English

Purity follows a college woman feeling constrained by expectations of sexual purity and morality who embraces empowerment and her true self while navigating complex relationships, identity struggles, and ideas about love.

Purity PDF in English

Purity by Skyler Mason PDF
Purity by Skyler Mason PDF
PDF TitlePurity
AuthorSkyler Mason
File Size730 KB

About PDF

  • Purity is a coming-of-age story about a college woman named Purity who feels constrained by societal expectations around morality and sexual purity.
  • She struggles to break free from judgments and doctrines about how women should behave to embrace her own empowerment.
  • Purity explores ideas of obedience versus rebellion as Purity forms her own identity and beliefs separate from how she was raised.
  • The book follows Purity’s journey to discover what love, relationships and intimacy mean to her as an individual.
  • She navigates complex situations with friends, potential lovers, and her conflicting inner voice as she defines her own version of morality and womanhood.

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