[PDF] Parker Fittings Catalog PDF in English

The Parker Fittings Catalog PDF displays drawings, specifications, and reference data for Parker’s extensive range of hydraulic, pneumatic, and industrial hose fittings. It enables the identification and ordering of adapters, clamps, couplings, and more for hose systems based on dimensions, materials, pressure ratings, attachment methods, and part numbers.

Parker Fittings Catalog PDF in English

Parker Fittings Catalog PDF
Parker Fittings Catalog PDF
PDF TitleParker Fittings Catalog PDF
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About PDF

  • The catalog shows Parker’s fittings for hydraulic, pneumatic, and industrial hose systems.
  • It contains fittings like adapters, clamps, couplings, unions, banjos, and connectors.
  • Each fitting is shown in detailed drawings with dimensions and specifications.
  • The materials used like brass, steel, stainless steel, and nylon are listed.
  • The tables show working pressures and temperature ratings for the fittings.
  • Charts illustrate thread types, port sizes, attachment styles, and configurations.
  • Part numbers help identify and order the specific fitting needed.
  • Guides provide information on proper installation and use of fittings.
  • Reference data covers torque specifications, flow calculations, conversions, and glossary.
  • The catalog serves as a comprehensive guide for selecting Parker fittings.

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