[PDF] OS Lobos Do Milênio PDF by Sapir Englard in Portuguese

Sienna is a 19-year-old virgin werewolf, the only one in her pack. She is determined to get through the werewolf mating season without having sex. However, when Sienna meets Aiden, the alpha male leader of the pack, she loses control of her primal werewolf urges.

OS Lobos Do Milênio PDF in Portuguese

OS Lobos Do Milênio PDF
OS Lobos Do Milênio PDF
PDF TitleOS Lobos Do Milênio PDF
AuthorSapir Englard
File Size2.48 MB


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  • Sienna is a 19-year-old werewolf who is still a virgin. She is the only virgin in the werewolf pack.
  • Sienna is determined to get through the werewolf mating season called Bruma without having sex.
  • Sienna meets Aiden, who is the alpha male werewolf and leader of the pack.
  • When Sienna meets Aiden, she loses her self-control and gives in to her primal werewolf instincts.
  • The book seems to be about Sienna struggling with her urges and instincts as a werewolf and her determination to remain a virgin.

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