[PDF] Nossa Harmonia PDF by Alice Bacivangi in Portuguese

Layla is a practical woman who abandoned her dancing dreams, while Kiergan is a troubled rockstar and womanizer. Years ago, Layla and Kiergan were in love before Layla broke Kiergan’s heart. When Kiergan returns home, he encounters Layla again.

Nossa Harmonia PDF in Portuguese

Nossa Harmonia PDF
Nossa Harmonia PDF
PDF TitleNossa Harmonia PDF
AuthorAlice Bacivangi
File Size9 MB


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  • Layla is a practical woman who gave up her dreams of dancing in Hollywood after life’s disappointments.
  • Kiergan is a famous troubled rockstar who is a womanizer.
  • Layla and Kiergan used to be in love years ago, before Layla broke Kiergan’s heart.
  • Kiergan returns home years later and runs into Layla again.
  • Kiergan wants to get back together with Layla to break her heart like she broke his, but they still have feelings for each other.

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