[PDF] My Other Half PDF by Neya B in English

My Other Half is a romance novel about Hayat, a career-focused woman not seeking love, whose fateful meeting with Anas, a father looking for someone to love his daughter, profoundly changes both their outlooks. Despite not planning on marriage, their destined bond leads them to become each other’s “other half,” showing how fate can unexpectedly alter one’s future.

My Other Half by Neya B PDF in English

My Other Half PDF by Neya B PDF
My Other Half PDF by Neya B PDF
PDF TitleMy Other Half
AuthorNeya B
Pages45 Chapter (313 Pages)
File Size875 KB

About PDF

  • It is a romance novel about a web designer named Hayat who doesn’t plan on love or marriage.
  • She meets a man named Anas who is looking for someone to love his daughter Souhila.
  • Their meeting seems fated, changing the outlook on both of their futures.
  • They are described as two souls who were destined to meet, not brought together by chance.
  • The book explores how their relationship develops despite not looking for love.
  • It shows how fate can have unexpected plans for one’s future.
  • Their love grows to encompass both each other and Anas’ daughter.
  • In the end, they realize some souls are meant to meet as “other halves.”

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