[PDF] Marvel Multiverse RPG PDF by Marvel in English

“Marvel Multiverse RPG” is a game where you become a superhero, save the day with friends, and use your imagination!

Marvel Multiverse RPG PDF in English

Marvel Multiverse RPG PDF
Marvel Multiverse RPG PDF
PDF TitleMarvel Multiverse RPG
File Size3.43 MB

About PDF

  • Marvel Multiverse RPG is a game where you can be superheroes, go on adventures, and fight bad guys!
  • There are many different worlds called “multiverses” in the game. Each one has its own superheroes and villains.
  • You can create your own superhero character with special powers, looks, and a cool name!
  • You can team up with other players to go on missions together and save the day.
  • The game lets you use your imagination to have lots of fun and be a superhero!

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