[PDF] Mandate for Leadership – The Conservative Promise Project 2025

The Conservative Promise Project 2025 by the Heritage Foundation offers principles and policy proposals to provide a conservative governance blueprint focused on limited government, free markets, traditional values, and American leadership across areas like the economy, healthcare, defense, and technology to influence right-leaning political strategies.

Mandate for Leadership PDF in English

Mandate for Leadership PDF
Mandate for Leadership PDF
PDF TitleMandate for Leadership – The Conservative Promise Project 2025
ForewordKevin D. Roberts, phD
File Size4.75 MB
PriceKevin D. Roberts, Ph.D.

About PDF

  • It is a policy guide from the Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank.
  • The guide offers principles and proposals to shape conservative governance.
  • Recommendations cover the economy, healthcare, immigration, technology, defense, and more.
  • It aims to provide a blueprint for reducing government size and oversight.
  • The proposals emphasize free market solutions, traditional values, and American leadership.
  • Ideas include cutting taxes and regulations, repealing ACA, and restricting immigration and welfare.
  • It advocates principles like individual freedom, limited government, and traditional families.
  • The report influences conservative politicians and activists.
  • Its compilation took 1 year with contributions from over 100 experts.
  • The guide shapes right-leaning strategies and agendas.

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