[PDF] Majina Ya Walimu Walioajiriwa PDF 2023 in English

The Ministry coordinates regional development, appoints healthcare and teaching staff, and requires qualified teachers to apply online.

Majina Ya Walimu Walioajiriwa PDF in English

PDF TitleMajina Ya Walimu Walioajiriwa PDF
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  • The Ministry of Regional Administration and Local Government coordinates regional development plans with local authorities.
  • The ministry ensures the construction and maintenance of roads and buildings at the regional and district levels.
  • 7,612 Health Cadre Staff were appointed for healthcare facilities, and 9,800 teachers were appointed for primary and secondary schools under local government authorities.
  • Graduates from government colleges were asked to apply for jobs online through ajira.tamisemi.go.tz.
  • Qualified teachers who had previously applied were required to re-apply through the online system.

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