[PDF] Kiss Number 8 PDF by Ellen T. Crenshaw & Colleen AF in English

The graphic novel Kiss Number 8 follows teenager Amanda’s journey of grappling with and accepting her sexuality that conflicts with her conservative upbringing as she navigates to falling in love with a girl and complex family dynamics.

Kiss Number 8 PDF in English

Kiss Number 8 PDF
Kiss Number 8 PDF
PDF TitleKiss Number 8
AuthorEllen T. Crenshaw & Colleen AF Venable
File Size6.90 MB

About PDF

  • It tells the coming-of-age story of teenager Amanda who struggles with her growing feelings for another girl named Cat.
  • Amanda grapples with confusion over her sexuality which conflicts with her family’s conservative religious views.
  • The novel explores Amanda’s journey to accept her identity as she navigates first love and complex family dynamics.
  • It portrays the fear and uncertainty that surrounds Amanda revealing her true self to loved ones.
  • Kiss Number 8 highlights the self-discovery, courage, and power of being true to oneself through Amanda’s experiences.

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