[PDF] Jaquar Bathroom Fittings Catalog PDF in English

The Jaquar Bathroom Fittings Catalog displays images, specifications, and details for their extensive bathroom fixtures and accessories, categorized by type and highlighting new additions, to help customers view options and choose appropriate models based on dimensions, materials, colors, features, and maintenance needs.

Jaquar Bathroom Fittings Catalog PDF in English

Jaquar Bathroom Fittings Catalog PDF
Jaquar Bathroom Fittings Catalog PDF
PDF TitleJaquar Bathroom Fittings Catalog PDF
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About PDF

  • It displays Jaquar’s bathroom fixtures like basins, toilets, showers, and bathtubs.
  • The catalog shows images, dimensions, colors, and materials for each product.
  • It categorizes fittings by type like wall hung, countertop, and undercounter basins.
  • Important details like tank capacity, overflow options, and waste compatibility are listed.
  • There are sections for bathroom accessories, flush plates, mirrors, and more.
  • New additions are highlighted and specifications are compared against older models.
  • Maintenance and installation instructions are provided for most products.
  • The catalog helps customers view and select Jaquar bathroom fixtures and accessories.
  • It contains comprehensive information to choose the right models based on needs.
  • Order codes and contact information are provided for each item shown.

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