How to Stay in Love (PDF) – James J. Sexton’s Relationship Advice

Stop negative dialogue, listen thoughtfully, express empathy, compromise sincerely, and prioritize intimacy – James Sexton’s advice teaches identifying and ending conflict patterns, mutual understanding, apology, and maintaining affection.

PDF TitleHow to Stay in Love
AuthorJames J. Sexton
File Size1.3 MB

About PDF

  • Identify your Demon Dialogues, the negative communication patterns that create conflict, and learn to stop them
  • Practice thoughtful listening without interrupting when your partner is speaking to fully understand them
  • Express empathy, validate your partner’s feelings, and see their perspective even when you disagree
  • Compromise and apologize sincerely when you make mistakes without blaming your partner
  • Make intimacy and fun a priority through regular shared activities, laughter, and physical affection

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