[PDF] How Does It Feel Book PDF by Jeneane O’Riley in English

Callie, a human, falls into the world of the Fae and lands in the arms of the dangerous Unseelie Fae prince. Obsessed with her, he challenges her to three deadly trials to win her freedom. If she fails, she will be killed.

PDF TitleHow Does It Feel Book
AuthorJeneane O’Riley
File Size1.36 MB

About PDF

  • Callie falls through a portal into the world of the fae.
  • She lands in the arms of the Unseelie Fae prince, who is dangerously unhinged and handsome.
  • The prince thinks Callie is an assassin sent by the humans to kill him.
  • He is obsessed with her, but he hates humans and would rather burn than touch one.
  • The villain challenges Callie to three deadly trials. If she survives, she gains her freedom. If not, she will be killed.
  • Callie and the Unseelie Fae prince have an enemies-to-lovers romance.
  • The prince fears that if he does not destroy Callie soon, she may be the only thing that’s capable of truly destroying him.

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