[PDF] Honeywell T4 Pro User Manual PDF in English

The Honeywell T4 Pro thermostat manual includes wiring diagrams, setup and programming schedules and temperature instructions, operating modes explanations, and troubleshooting tips to install, configure, and use the programmable thermostat for home heating and cooling systems.

PDF TitleHoneywell T4 Pro User Manual
File Size564 kb

About PDF

  • The manual explains installing, setting, and using the T4 Pro programmable thermostat for home heating and cooling systems.
  • It provides wiring diagrams for typical systems and instructions to configure settings like schedule, temperature units, fan control, etc.
  • User menus allow you to set daily and weekly schedules with temperature changes for different times and days as needed.
  • The manual covers operating modes like auto, cool, heat, and off, and how to override pre-set temperatures as desired.
  • Troubleshooting tips address issues like no power, blank displays, error messages, and changing batteries.

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