[PDF] Honey Baked Ham Menu PDF in English

The Honey Baked Ham menu offers a variety of ham sandwiches, salads featuring ham, soups and snacks for sides, specialty ham plates, and drinks and desserts.

Honey Baked Ham Menu PDF in English

Honey Baked Ham Menu PDF
Honey Baked Ham Menu PDF
PDF TitleHoney Baked Ham Menu PDF
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  • The menu features a variety of ham sandwiches including classic ham and cheese, ham and turkey club, and BLT with ham.
  • There are salad options like the ham super food salad andSanta Fe spinach salad with ham.
  • Sides include soups like broccoli cheese or baked potato soup and snacks like kettle chips or cookies.
  • Specialty plates are available like the ham bento box, ham sliders, or half ham sandwich with side salad.
  • Drinks and desserts are also on the menu including fountain drinks, iced tea, milkshakes and layer cakes.

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