Footprints in the Sand Poem & PDF – God Carries You in Hard Times

An inspirational poem depicting God walking with a person through life, carrying them during hardships, as told in a dream about footprints in the sand on a beach.

PDF TitleFootprints In The Sand Poem
AuthorMary Stevenson
File Size0.4 MB

About PDF

  • It describes a person dreaming they are walking along a beach with God.
  • At times, they see two sets of footprints in the sand – theirs and God’s. This represents the good times in life.
  • During the hard times in life, the dreamer sees only one set of footprints.
  • This makes them question why God would abandon them during difficulties.
  • God explains the single set of prints is His, from when He carried the dreamers through their hardships.
  • The moral is that God is always present in our lives, especially helping us through our toughest times.

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