[PDF] Firstline Benefits Catalog 2023 PDF in English

FirstLine offers various health plans like HMO and PPO with prescription coverage, free preventive care, large provider networks, and added benefits like vision, dental, gym discounts, and online doctor visits.

PDF TitleFirstline Benefits Catalog 2023
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About PDF

  • Health plans to fit your needs – Choose from HMO, PPO, POS, HDHP, and EPO plans. There are options for individuals and families.
  • Prescription drug coverage – Most plans include prescription drug coverage. Many have a mail order program for convenient delivery.
  • Preventive care at no cost – Most plans cover preventive services like annual exams, cancer screenings, immunizations, and more at no cost.
  • Large provider networks – Plans give you access to lots of doctors, specialists, hospitals, and pharmacies in your area.
  • Added benefits – Many plans include extra benefits like vision and dental coverage, gym discounts, online doctor visits, and more.

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