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The Eagle Scout project lets a Scout lead a major community service effort by planning and organizing the project, getting approvals, making a detailed plan, leading others to do the work, and completing a final report to reflect on their leadership.

PDF TitleEagle Scout Project Workbook
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  • The Eagle Scout project is a chance for a Scout to plan and lead a major service project that helps their community. It should require lots of organizing and leadership.
  • The Scout must pick a project, find an organization to benefit from, fill out the proposal, and get approval before starting. Examples are building something or organizing an event.
  • The Scout makes a plan with goals, materials needed, people, and schedule. They lead others to do the work. A Scoutmaster approves the plan.
  • During the project, the Scout leads others, solves problems, and keeps people safe. When done, they celebrate success and thank everyone who helped.
  • The Scout completes the workbook showing what was done. This helps them reflect on their leadership. The Scoutmaster approves the final report.

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