[PDF] Dulce Mentiras Amargas Verdadesby by Lily Perozo in Spanish

A captivating tale of self-discovery amidst love, deception, and betrayal, unmasking the bitter truths hidden behind sweet lies.

Dulce Mentiras Amargas Verdades PDF in Spanish

Dulce Mentiras Amargas Verdades PDF
Dulce Mentiras Amargas Verdades PDF
PDF TitleDulce Mentiras Amargas Verdades PDF
AuthorLily Repozo
File Size1.70 MB


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  • Captivating self-discovery: “Dulce Mentiras Amargas Verdades” tells an engaging story of individuals on a journey to discover themselves.
  • Unveiling hidden truths: The book explores the uncovering of bitter truths that are concealed beneath sweet lies.
  • Complex relationships: Readers witness the protagonists navigating intricate relationships that challenge their path of self-discovery.
  • Consequences of deception and betrayal: The story provokes thought as it delves into the aftermath of deceit and betrayal within personal relationships.
  • Revealing true nature and harsh realities: The characters’ true nature is unmasked, exposing the harsh realities they face along their journey.

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