[PDF] Clicker Keypad Manual PDF in English

The Clicker Keypad manual provides instructions for installation, setup, programming security codes, using the keypad for arming/disarming, troubleshooting tips, and details on resetting the master code if needed.

Clicker Keypad Manual PDF in English

Clicker Keypad Manual PDF
Clicker Keypad Manual PDF
PDF TitleClicker Keypad Manual
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About PDF

  • The manual provides step-by-step instructions for properly installing and setting up the keypad, including wiring, mounting, and powering on.
  • It contains information on programming up to 6-digit security codes for arming and disarming the security system.
  • Explains the different LED light indications and how to use the keypad buttons for arming, disarming, and emergency functions.
  • Troubleshooting tips are provided for issues like low battery, incorrect codes entered, and other common keypad problems.
  • The factory default master code is listed which can be used to reset and create new codes if existing codes are forgotten.

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